Love and Hate!

While one is infamous for conquering the heart, the other wickedly takes over the head!


The Soul of a Wanderer..

How can someone possibly confine himself to the same set of circumstances when there is a whole ocean of possibilities around the world? I would better choose to be a rebel wanderer than a slave for life.

The Might of a Warrior..

Renounced off the flowing river, has it always been the quaver? Of the child behind the crumbled closet, deluded is whose mind lying upset. Always wanting to be there, emotions tending to bloom where. Sometimes to please and sometimes be pleased, knowing that the imaginations won’t be ceased. Like the ocean standing still, wished to... Continue Reading →

The Solitude..

Growing up, our minds are often conditioned to think that solitude is something to be dreaded. All those songs, those movies.. all of them filled us up with a constant desire to find a love that we can be with every waking moment of our lives. The tender teenage mind, so childish and so proud,... Continue Reading →

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